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01 enero, 2021

Entrega Anual de Neopis

Comenzó una nueva entrega de los premios a lo mejor y lo peor del año pasado, los Neopis. Siendo el honor de ser la ceremonia de premios más prestigiosa de Neopia, desde el 2009 cada año comienza una nueva temporada de entrega.
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2021- Neopis
Los Neopis son los premios otorgados a lo mejor (y lo peor) que hubo en Neopets en el año pasado. Presentados por un Elephante llamado Ellsworth, los Neopis son una gran gala. Una vez que los nominados son anunciados, los asistentes ganan premios por votar, con lo que deciden al ganador de cada categoría.

Las votaciones empiezan el 20 de Enero y el ganador de la última categoría se anunciará el 7 de Febrero del 2021. Para participar, haz clic en el botón debajo del finalista por el que quieras votar. Una vez que hayas hecho tu selección (o selecciones, dependiendo en cuantas categorías hay ese día, haz clic en el botón de "enviar mi voto". En ese punto, tendrás que confirmar tu voto. Una vez confirmado, tu elección será enviada.

Para cada categoría tendrás tres días para votar. Si votas en una categoría el primer día que está disponible, verás un brillo dorado alrededor de tu elección. Si votas el segundo o tercer día, tu selección tendrá un brillo verde alrededor. Si votas todos los días en que una categoría nueva es publicada, ganarás un premio extra al final del evento.

Los nominados son..
Los nominados son elegidos por un comité super secreto conocido sólo como el Equipo de nominación. A continuación verás una lista de todas las categorías con sus nominados y los ganadores de los Neopis de este año estarán resaltados con color y debajo de su nombre el porcentaje que obtuvieron durante las nominaciones.

Día 1 - El mejor color nuevo para Neopets
Marble Draik
Maraquan Lutari
Meerca Burlap
Zombie Bruce
It takes a hard headed Draik to pull off these colours but it's a superb pattern and one worthy of the nomination.

Even by Lutari standards they are incredible swimmers. The colors are nothing short of a Maraquan marvel and could use a marvelous award.

Button eyes, stitching and stuffing, to win this award, this Meerca will stop at nothing... even awkward rhymes.
You need brains to win an award... delicious Brucey Brains!
Día 2 - El mejor Atuendo de Especie
Kung Fu Vandagyre
Oasis Eyrie
High Tech Korbat
Forest Sage Ruki
Master the martial art and your own mind in Shenkuu's finest staff, hat and attire. Regardless of outcome of the award, the wearers are just proud to be nominated... and they actually mean it.

Made from some of the finest materials to come out of the Lost Desert matched with historic jewelry. This surely is the most valuable of the nominees but will it be enough for a win?
Whether in the battledome or just on an average day of crime fighting, this advanced kit is ideal for a Korbat on a mission. This time, the mission is the award!
Commune with mystical and magical powers of the woodlands with this magical outfit. Naturally, it's a strong candidate.
Día 3 - La Mejor Animación del Calendario de Adviento
Día 18
Día 25
Day 26
Day 29
Taelia tries to keep her spirits up on a lonely Christmas and her magical voice floats across Neopia. Armin would love the award, but Taelia is just happy she had someone to spend day with.

The remarkable Tuskaninny pulls off one extraordinary break. She's already written a speech, practiced her victory dance, and prepared 218 victory slushies for all her friends who believed in her from the start.

A Darblat and mother find their way back to the Darblat migration. The Darblats were asked if they would comment on their nomination. Their response was a confused quack before they slid down the mountain.

On the Virtupets Space Station, Grundos at work getting presents ready find their groove. Get ready for a dance at the Neopies podium.
Día 4 - La Mejor Serie del Calendario de Adviento
The Gift of the Xweetoki
A Bad Day for

Tis the Off Season
The Negg Tree
What would you give up for the perfect gift? Brucey B was asked if he was confident about winning the award and he said "some Neopets are just lucky".

Hanso tells the highly suspect tale of how he ended up in Brightvale Jail. Brynn is concerned that winning the award might encourage Hanso to write a sequel.

The Terror Mountain Yooyuball team's vacation turns ugly when Osielle's meditation gets interrupted by a snowball. Prytariel was asked if this was truly the best vacation for the Terror Mountain team, and the team captain said it was certainly the most uneventful.

Kari helps decorate a Negg Tree for the holidays, only for the decorations to be deviously stolen. Alarm neggs ring! Kari is just glad she brought her spare Negg decorations and luckily there were a pile left outside in the snow so she didn't have to buy any new ones.
Día 5 - El mejor premio de Adviento
Darblat Sled
Neggnapper Stamp 
Wraith Encounters in the Haunted Woods
Christmas Slushie
Description Enjoy a fun slide on the slopes with a sled as slippery as a Darblat's belly. Worthy of any award.

A new villain has emerged in Neopia with a fine stamp to match. It's certainly a keepsake even if it doesn't win the Neopie.

Seems like this precautionary guide with tales of wraith encounters could come in handy and be worthy of an award.
This festive slushie is a delicious treat fit for an award!
Día 6 - Mejor Primer Plano de Neopuntos
Brightvale Jail Cell Foreground
Slushie Stand Foreground
Sea Glass
Washed Up Sandcastle Foreground
It keeps Brightvale's worst and most mischievous at bay. It also provides a great way to protect the award that it's likely to win.

A cool, icy, colorful beverage is just what you need and a gold statue award is just what this foreground needs.

A sandcastle is beautiful and fleeting in high tide but an award would make it remembered forever.
This These perfectly formed pieces of Sea Glass may even upstage the award but that doesn't mean they don't deserve one.
Día 7 - El Mejor Apto para Usar de Neopuntos

Charming Spring Background
Clockwork Dress
Potion Master Cloak
Tormunds Shield
This delightful spring background was released for Festival of Neggs! It's full of the charm that spring brings and could be worth an award!

This clockwork dressed came in chronologically at the end of Altador Cup! It’s the perfect outfit for those who are tracking time, maybe it’s time for a winning title?

This classic cloak was released for Halloween, and it’s magical aura seemed to cause a magical wonder around Neopia! Do you dare vote for it?
This wonder was released in celebration of Meridell Day! Though it is not an exact replica of his shield it is said to be a symbol of the Discovery of Meridell, which was a feat in itself, you could say it is worthy of winning here?

Día 8 - El Mejor Evento del Sitio
Altador Cup XV
Saving Dacardia
Faerie Quests
Festival of Neggs
The Neopia wide competition returned for an iconic fifteenth year. A second trophy is certainly not out of the question.

Granny Hopbobbin enlisted the help of Captain Rourke to bring aid to the Storm devastated Island of Dacardia. A great cause worthy of a great award.
Mister Krawley set up shop in Faerieland and unfortunately many faeries made the mistake of buying his wares and struggled with the magical consequences. It would be quite the consequence if it got the win.

Kari returned to the festival only to discover that the Neggs were stolen before she could hide them. What kind of creature would nap neggs? Perhaps that same villain will nap the award?
Día 9 - La Mejor Característica de Evento de NC
Doctor Neggistential's Workshop
Charity Corner Gift Shop
Luxury Sky Box Lounge
The Crafting Faerie
This year at the Festival of Neggs, the eccentric Doctor set up his workshop to tinker with mechanical Neggs and give them the anti-theft devices that they needed. Who knows what he could do with a Neopie? Certainly it'll be difficult for any other nominee to steal the award.

While "Saving Dacardia" was such a success, so was the Gift Shop for loyal donors. A Neopie would not be considered charity here.

This year's exclusive Neopets got to put their paws up, sip a cold Neocola, and enjoy all the perks of the Altador Cup VIP experience. Many called the experience award winning. Could they be right?
Delina made it her mission this year to get back at Mister Krawley for his magical wares. Perhaps she could fix up a win here, too?
Día 10 - La Mejor Cápsula Misteriosa
Jubjub Power Bounce Retired Mystery Capsule
NC Mall 13th Birthday Jukebox Mystery Capsule
Baby Bash Retired Capsule
Usikicon Y22 Mystery Capsule
Feel the nostalgia of long retired items in this capsule. The judges of the awards certainly feel it.A birthday mystery was the best way to celebrate the NC Mall. Care to make it an iconic year?
A celebration of those sweet adorable baby items and others you may have forgot. The Neopies have not forgotten.
One of three limited edition bonus items, and many other awesome Usuki themed items. An Usuki themed Neopie wouldn't be such a bad idea, would it?

Día 11 - La Mejor Pies de Fotos
A Minimalist Meal
Petpets in a Basket
Nimmo in the Tub
A Scorched Birthday
At a celebratory meal, this Kougra reveals what's for dinner..."I made you a meal that has zero sugar, zero carbs, and is fat-free!" By danger_hoss By sheepmad4eva Kougra: I may have used an Invisible Paint Brush on your dinner tonight...

A Mynci lifts Petpets in a basket up a tree on a bright summer day...By xx_forever_irish_xx Tree: As branch manager I do not approve of this!
A Bruce enters the bathroom and is shocked to find bubbly chaos waiting...By girlyli Bruce: 'uhmm... dad..?'
A young Scorchio makes a wish on his birthday and then...By june_scarlet Kacheek: I thought you were supposed to *blow* the candle out, not make it brighter...

Día 12 - El Mejor Objeto Diario de NC
Peaceful Park in Spring
Baby Pumpkin Costume
Front Porch in Fall Background
Purple & Black Ponytails Wig
On a tranquil walk through the perfect setting an award waits at the end of the path.

The cuteness is off the charts for this Halloween costume. The acceptance speech is sure to get a plenty of Appl-awws.

On a sheltered porch, taking a gentle rock on the porch swing, many Neopets found peace. It's a worthy contender.
The split colors were a fond piece of headwear for many Neopets. The judges are fairly split about this decision, too.

Día 13 - El Mejor Coleccionable de NC
Black Pteri Tree Collectible
Xenias Collectors Prankster Broom
Snowager Solace Collectible Character
Garins Collectors Outfit
The mysterious Pteri looks down from the tree. What could it be thinking? This nomination was certainly not a mystery.That broom is up to no good. Here's hoping that if it wins, the award won't be influenced by its mischievous behavior.

Take care not to wake the Snowager... uh oh! The Neopie would fit in well among the monster's treasure.
Buckle that swash and hoist the colors high. There be an award off the port bow!

Día 14 - El Mejor Color de Petpet
Spring Slorg
Faerie Darblat
Royal Kadoatie
Chocolate Turtmid
Some say it's quite fitting that the Petpet that leaves trails also has leaves. The award would go to the colour... not that observation.Finally wings that actually help a Darblat fly. It's a feature that the Petpet would enjoy almost as much as the Neopie.

Perhaps this Kadoatie is a bit highly strung but then again it's used to royalty. It would certainly treat the award with the grace and dignity it deserves.
This Turtmid will need its shell's protection even more than others. Nothing can protect it from the notoriety that it'll get from the award but it seems okay with that!

Día 15 - El Mejor Objeto Nuevo de NPs
Altador Cup XV Commemorative Stamp
Prytariel Action Figure
Baelia Plushie
Chocolate Blossom
For the iconic competition, it was a year worth remembering. Care to make it perfect with an award?The captain of team Terror Mountain didn't get to lift the Altador Cup but this award is firmly in her sights.

The Grey Faerie has already lost her wings. She needs this!
Delicious chocolate horticulture is all the rage. No doubt there will be few who overlook this tasty nomination.

Durante el día 3 del evento, en la categoría de Mejor animación del Calendario de Adviento, las imagenes que se mostraban no coincidiían con el día ni la descripción que aparecía debajo de la misma. Para el día 16 del evento se volvió a realizar la votación con la correción de las imagenes y textos.

Día 16 - La Mejor Animación del Calendario de Adviento
(nueva votación)
Día 25
Día 26
Day 29
Day 18
Taelia tries to keep her spirits up on a lonely Christmas and her magical voice floats across Neopia. Armin would love the award, but Taelia is just happy she had someone to spend day with.

The remarkable Tuskaninny pulls off one extraordinary break. She's already written a speech, practiced her victory dance, and prepared 218 victory slushies for all her friends who believed in her from the start.

A Darblat and mother find their way back to the Darblat migration. The Darblats were asked if they would comment on their nomination. Their response was a confused quack before they slid down the mountain.

On the Virtupets Space Station, Grundos at work getting presents ready find their groove. Get ready for a dance at the Neopies podium.

Premios diarios
Cada vez que votes por una categoría del evento recibirás un premio al azar después de confirmar tu elección de voto. A continuación verás una lista de los objetos que puedes ganar al votar todos los días. Si recibiste algún otro objeto que no aparezca en la lista, puedes enviarnos un mensaje en nuestra sección de contacto.

Premios diarios
Cloud MuffinPlate of SmoresBone BreastplateGarfir MugBony Bracers
CybitGX-4 OscillabotBanana Lip BalmDinner Hot DogShoyru Glider
Fire GuitarCelestial SaladChocolate FrameBronze DressCute Dark Wig
Sunny Background FrameCurious Blumaroo GnomeCheery Zafara MugCrude Map of Haunted HousesCheesy Pizza Slushie
Deceptive Greeting CardBalsa Wood ShieldBasic Shield of FlightWind Up Maraquan JubJubGolden Alabriss Statue
Baby Bruce Milk BottleBludberry Urgoni CupcakeAll About Rare StampsRed Carpet Dos & DontsOld Fashioned Camera
The Winding Winter PathAward Show
Play Set
Angelpuss BirdhouseBabaa Pencil CaseAward Show Snack Pack
Cocoa ViolinHigh Tech CandleArkmite PlushieGrimilix StampChocolate orange doughnut
Bubbly Roseatte JuiceWocky Gadgeteer Air BalloonEmerald Face CreamGeraptiku BurgerShowing Gelerts
Cheesy PencilWind Up Bouncing HaseeChokato Face PowderAward Show Snack PackRed Carpetted Stairs
Yellow Wocky PlushieBlue Bori PlushieCup of Green Tea101 Recipes for DisasterA Tricky Tale

Yellow Wocky PlushieGreen Origami Buzz ToyA Life of Healing

Sorteo VIP
Como parte de la nueva Entrega Anual de Neopis, se realizó un Sorteo VIP de objetos de NC en la Gala de cierre del evento. Este Sorteo VIP comienza el 25 de Enero y los boletos del sorteo estará disponibles en el Centro de NC hasta el 12 de Febrero de 2021 a las 23:59:59 NST. 

Para participar de este evento de NC, deberás adquirir alguna de las entradas que se venden en el Centro de NC. Si activas un paquete de 7 Boletos para el Sorteo VIP de Neopis, no podrás activar otro paquete de boletos.

Neopies Y22 VIP Raffle Ticket 1-Pack
150 NC

Neopies VIP Y22 Raffle Ticket 7-Pack
750 NC

Después de activarlos en tu Inventario, debes visitar la página del Sorteo VIP para reclamar tus premios. Puedes reclamar hasta un máximo de 7 premios por día y para hacerlo solo debes darle clic a las bolsas de regalo. Hay 7 premios en total que puedes ganar en el evento y todos reciben el mismo premio cada día.

25 de Enero
26 de Enero27 de Enero28 de Enero

Tinsel Jacket

Fancy Table
Gold Lace
Intricate Gold Markings Suit
Posh Dress Shoes
29 de Enero30 de Enero31 de Enero

Balloon Arch

Golden Dress

Star of the Show Background

Premio Final
Si votaste en cada categoría el día en que fueron publicadas recibirás un premio extra exclusivo por tu compromiso. Este año recibes un Ellsworth Handheld Plushie, un peluche del presentador de los Neopis.

Puedes comprobar si has votado el día necesario, observando si tu elección en cada categoría aparece rodeada por un borde dorado. Si sale verde, es por que votaste otro día.