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01 febrero, 2024

Entrega Anual de Neopis

Comenzó una nueva entrega de los premios a lo mejor y lo peor del año pasado, los Neopis. Siendo el honor de ser la ceremonia de premios más prestigiosa de Neopia, desde el 2009 cada año comienza una nueva temporada de entrega.
2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2019 - 2020
2021 - 2022 - 2023 - 2024
2024- Neopis
Los Neopis son los premios otorgados a lo mejor (y lo peor) que hubo en Neopets en el año pasado. Presentados por un Elephante llamado Ellsworth, los Neopis son una gran gala. Una vez que los nominados son anunciados, los asistentes ganan premios por votar, con lo que deciden al ganador de cada categoría.

Las votaciones empiezan el 1° de Febrero y el ganador de la última categoría se anunciará el 29 de Febrero del 2023. Para participar, haz clic en el botón debajo del finalista por el que quieras votar. Una vez que hayas hecho tu selección (o selecciones, dependiendo en cuantas categorías hay ese día, haz clic en el botón de "enviar mi voto". En ese punto, tendrás que confirmar tu voto. Una vez confirmado, tu elección será enviada.

Para cada categoría tendrás tres días para votar. Si votas en una categoría el primer día que está disponible, verás un brillo dorado alrededor de tu elección. Si votas el segundo o tercer día, tu selección tendrá un brillo verde alrededor. Si votas todos los días en que una categoría nueva es publicada, ganarás un premio extra al final del evento.

Los nominados son..
Los nominados son elegidos por un comité super secreto conocido sólo como el Equipo de nominación. A continuación verás una lista de todas las categorías con sus nominados y los ganadores de los Neopis de este año estarán resaltados con color y debajo de su nombre el porcentaje que obtuvieron durante las nominaciones.

Día 1 - El Mejor Comic del Calendario de Adviento
Day 7
21 %
Day 9-10
41 %
Day 18
25 %
Day 23
13 %
Pebbles make great gifts for loved ones, and Darblats know that better than anyone! Presents come in all shapes and sizes, and just like families, all that matters is that they are made with love!
The Shop Wizard loves his job, but even he can get burned out! But there is no better time to thank those who have worked hard for you than the holiday season!
Reina's family has been in the Advent Calendar business for quite some time. With this comic, you get an adorable look back on what inspired Reina to take over the family tradition in her own unique way!

Día 2 - El Mejor Objeto Nuevo de NPs
Rubber Fruit
23 %
Lutari Gaming System
27 %
Quiguki Doll

16 %
Fyora Gnome
35 %
A stretchy fruit that may or may not have an odd effect when you eat it! One of the first gaming systems of its kind, this item flew off the shelves and is now considered a household staple. There's even talk of it being the inspiration for all sorts of new gaming devices!

When this Quiguki hit the market, it caused quite some confusion! Why had it been sold with Usukis? Here at the Neopies, we love a good mystery!
This gnome is an adorable way to have Queen Fyora close as she watches over and protects your garden and all of its inhabitants!

Día 3 - El Mejor Objeto Personalizable de NPs
Illusen and Jhudora Particles
29 %
Service Petpet Doglefox
35 %
Stuck in Crystal
16 %
Pink Wings
21 %
Despite these particles coming from opposing sides of the Faerie Festival, they go together well! Maybe the faeries they are based around could learn a thing or two from them!

Just look at this adorable, hard worker! Who could turn down this face?! But remember, don't distract him when he's on the job!
A prize for participating in the Lost Fragments event, this item lets you feel what Luxinia must have felt while she was trapped away for years...what fun!
For Fyora Day, these Pink Wings came out in versions that practically every kind of Neopet could wear! So, a vote for these Pink Wings is a vote for all Pink Wings!
Día 4 - El Mejor Premio del Calendario de Adviento
Christmas Petpets Background
13 %
62 %
Reina Stamp
16 %
Trapped in
Wrapping Paper

9 %
What better way to spend the holidays than by a warm fireplace, cuddling with all your petpets!

So small and travel-sized, this little buddy is perfect for any petpet who wants to explore with their small friend while not worrying about lots of upkeep!
There's no better postage to put on those gifts you'll be sending to friends and family over the holiday season than a stamp with the host of the Advent Calendar on it!

The best wearable for those who know the best gift you could possibly give anyone is yourself!

Día 5 - El Mejor Premio del Festival de Neggs
Plasma Effect
42 %
Stamp of Neopia
31 %
Polar Lights Foreground
19 %
Solar Flare Gun
8 %
This wearable was a jolting surprise prize inside the Plasma Negg, and it has a shockingly cool effect that can spark any old outfit to life!

This was an out-of-this-world prize in the Neopia Negg, and it is the perfect stamp for sending packages all over the globe and maybe even throughout space!
This shining item was a prize in the Polar Lights Negg, and is a dazzling addition to any Neopet's overall look!
This hot item was a prize in the Solar Flare Negg, and while usually a device for calling for help, it can also be used in the Battledome to burn your enemies to a crisp!

Día 6 - El Mejor Premio de la Copa Altador
Tandrak Shaye Bobblehead
14 %
Golden Altador
Cup Coin

31 %
Retro Altador Cup Field Background
18 %
Techo Fanatic Stamp
37 %
The bad-boy, heartthrob of the Darigan Citadel Altador Cup team, is here and in bobblehead form! Who could resist this prize?!

This prize is for remembering your time at the Altador Cup Arena while also being a great addition to your coin collection!
If you love sports and video games, then this is the perfect combination! It is also a remarkable backdrop for anyone who loves the retro style!
The perfect stamp for all those passionate fans who want to send contesting letters to the Altador Cup Committee or fan letters to their favourite Altador Cup athletes!!!

Día 7 - La Mejor Imagen del Concurso de Pies de Foto
April - 1469
24 %
March - 1468
45 %
July - 1472
11 %
December - 1477
19 %
We all know we would be crying just like this Krawk if we were too late to get any pizza! We feel for your Krawk, we feel for you!

We admire Illusen's attempt at making eco-friendly fashion! This hat may have been a bit of a fashion faux pas, but we still love that she is branching out and trying new things!
There's nothing quite like beating the heat at the pool with your friends over the summer!
The holidays can be a scary time for many reasons, but something we never saw coming was the attack of the Jinjahs. Barricade your doors and horde your milk cartoons because we are in store for one scarily sweet time!

Día 8 - El Mejor Evento del Sitio
Festival of Neggs
9 %
Faerie Festival
40 %
April Fools
8 %
Advent Calendar
42 %
This Festival of Neggs was out of this world...literally! It took place on the Virtupets Space Station, where Kari ran the festival, all while helping Mira discover the identity of a mysterious object she found in space that looked peculiarly similar to a Negg! With the help of a few interesting characters, such as Dr. Landelbrot and Orion O. Ophiuchus, they finally got to the truth and found it was an egg to a newly discovered petpet, the Bython!

Back for the first time in a long time, the Faerie Festival was quite an adventure! Queen Fyora called for the feuding faeries Illusen and Jhudora to run the event, and things went as well as you would expect from putting those two together! They immediately parted ways and ran two separate events, but surprisingly, they came together to track down the reason behind the recent uptick in pollution around Neopia. After taking down the corrupt Malkus Vile and his henchmen, the event came to a close, with the two faeries maybe just being the slightest bit closer...but probably not.

This event reintroduced an...old friend of Neopia, Nick Neopia and his newly created Sceptic Tank, where he invited us all to question everything! A now self-proclaimed seeker of the truth, Nick flooded Neopia with ads to entice citizens to come to his Sceptic Tank and read all about the lies he had discovered that TNT has been pushing throughout the years. This was, of course, just all a joke. We here at the Neopies would never question what TNT has to say, and we wholeheartedly support them and thank them for their charitable donation to this year's productions!
The Advent Calendar last year had us all crying in the Food Club for a myriad of reasons. From the touching comics to the fantastic prizes, this wintery event was held by many to be an even bigger success than the year before! The festivities also took an interesting turn when a familiar yet tired face appeared, trying to get the Advent shut down! Luckily, Reina was able to handle the situation and keep the celebration going. Still, we were all left with a mysterious message that not even Queen Fyora could understand!
Día 9 - El Mejor Color de Petpet
Elderly Gathow
22 %
Halloween Hasee
40 %
Orange Rock
27 %
Yellow Bython
10 %
Don't write off elderly petpets! They may be up there in age, but with that comes knowledge and the free time to cuddle up a storm!

Don't worry! The Hasee can safely breathe in there! This is just the Hasee's adorable Halloween costume of a wrapped piece of candy! Aren't they so creative?!
What? How did an orange get into this category? Oh! Our bad, it's the Rock petpet painted orange! Good thing we didn't try to peel it!
The newest little petpet slithered its way into all of our hearts last year, and when we saw how adorable they were when painted yellow, we knew they had to be a contestant on the Neopies!

Día 10 - El Mejor Color de Neopet
Marble JubJub
18 %
Pastel Kau
34 %
Sroom Chia
22 %
Toy Gnorbu
25 %
When this look rolled out, it took us all by surprise! It challenged the status quo and really made us rethink what style was! While this design was risky, we think it paid off and gave us the opportunity for really unique customisations!

This beautiful berry-like Kau came to town and stole all our hearts! Look at those baby blue eyes and adorable pink patches; they're just absolute perfection wrapped in a Pastel Kau package!
Mushroooom Mushroooom! Well, technically, it's a Sroom Fruit, but close enough! With that adorable cap and bright colours, this Chia is sure to pull in the votes!
While this pinata isn't full of candy, it is full of something even better: love!! So put away your sticks and instead swing your votes over to this colourful masterpiece!
Día 11 - El Mejor Conjunto Especifico de Neopet
Fruit and Veggie
Chia Wings
7 %
Scaly Shoyru
23 %
Fluffy Kau
29 %
Museum Grarrl
42 %
While technically not an outfit, and the wings go on multiple different Chia, we still wanted to give a shout-out to the first wearables for all Fruit and Veggie Chias! It is so lovely that they can now don wings to fly with; hopefully, there will be more items for them to come!

Three heads are better than one, and this outfit proves it! From the range of emotion it evokes to the beautiful shiny finish, these wearables are worth every Neopoint!
It's so fluuuuuffffyyyy! Who thought that Kaus could somehow be made even more adorable? Well, this outfit definitely showed us, and we are so happy it did!
Museums are the best! You can learn so much while also seeing such cool things from all over the globe. So, of course, one would want to become part of all that by adorning this historical outfit!
Día 12 - El Mejor Evento de NC
Hop & Dye Neggs
15 %
Haunted Mansion
36 %
Altador from the Clouds
8 %
Free the Faeries
41 %
Neopians Hopped into the NC portion of the Festival of Neggs, and Dyed their Neggs while exploring the Virtupets Space Station! There were Snowbunnies everywhere! Were you scared? Neopians entered the Haunted Mansion and got a fright of horror-filled prizes, like the Long Black Spooky Wig!
Last year's Altador Cup provided Neopians with stunning views of Kiko Lake from the sky! Hopefully, you didn't have a fear of heights while collecting some of those glamourous prizes!

During last year's Faerie Festival, Neopians helped Aethia in this NC portion to free faeries trapped in jars and receive fun items in return!
Día 13 - La Mejor Capsula Misteriosa de NC
Cherry Blossom Mystery Capsule
34 %
Expressions Mystery Capsule
23 %
Mythical Wherfy Winter Mystery Capsule
30 %
Faeries Hope Magical Mystery Capsule
14 %
When Neopians opened last summer's Mystery Capsule, they blossomed with joy at the opportunity to customise their pets with many stunning prizes, like Cherry Blossom Skin Time to express excitement for this Expressions Mystery Capsule! This capsule allowed Neopians to collect all sorts of eyes and mouth wearables for your pets!
How else were you supposed to feel so magical in Winter? This Mythical Wherfy Winter Mystery Capsule gifted Neopians with many cool items, like the Wherfy Shoulder Companion!

The Faeries Hope Magical Mystery Capsule brought many faerie-filled prizes to our Neopians! Customise your pet with fantastic prizes like Luxinias Dress and Varia Plushie Handheld!

Día 14 - La Mejor Capsula Misteriosa Retirada de NC
NC Mall 16th Karaoke Birthday Mystery Capsule
18 %
Horror Movie Marathon Retired Mystery Capsule
32 %
Contacts Retired Mystery Capsule
20 %
Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule 2023
31 %
Sing your heart out! And collect some prizes while you're at it with this special capsule! What do movies have in common with NC items? The classics never get old!
Retired contacts may not sound like a good thing at first, but we assure you that these contacts are not expired and are, in fact, super cool!

Neopians were dying to open this Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule! This capsule had so many fun, coloured items to grab!
Día 15 - La Mejor Caja de Regalo de Capsula Misteriosa de NC
Korbat Cutie Gift Box Mystery Capsule
29 %
Falling Faellie Foliage Gift Box Mystery Capsule
37 %
Quiguki Gift Box Mystery Capsule
16 %
Cutie Pie Weewoo Gift Box Mystery Capsule
19 %
This GBMC looks like an adorable Shadow Korbat! Let it fly into your heart and earn your vote! Fall is for frolicking! This Faellie loved to frolic in the Fall leaves in this Fall Gift Box Mystery Capsule!
The hair! The makeup! This Quiguki GBMC is the moment! She definitely has our attention, but will she have your vote, too?

Have your pie and eat it too...with your Weewoo! Neopians passed the pie with the Cutie Pie Weewoo Gift Box Mystery Capsule.

Día 16 - El Mejor Objeto de NC
Cherry Blossom

27 %
Cute Face

20 %
Pastel Buns with Curly Locks Wig
17 %
Magical Galaxy Markings
35 %
Ever look at cherry blossoms and want them on your skin? Well, now you can! Too cute! Hopefully, this bandage is only needed for a cute accessory and not an injury!
This Pastel Buns and Curly Locks Wig is sure to bring joy to anywhere you wear it! All eyes will be on you!

Need some space? You might be out of this world, but you're totally in touch with the latest trends!
Día 17 - El Mejor Objeto Coleccionable de NC
Archies Collectible Shells Foreground
36 %
Lili Levers
Collectible Wig

17 %
Royal Potionery Valentines Foreground Collectible
33 %
Brightvale Motery Collectable Friends
14 %
Holy shell! Look at how impressive Archie's shell collection is! Neopians snatched up this shell foreground item from the Escape to Kiko Lake Collection! Don't we all wish we could have Lili Lever's beautiful long hair? Well, maybe you already do if you attained this lustrous wig from the Escape to Kiko Lake Collection!

It's time for a lovely soak! Relax and fall in love with this collectible foreground from the All Hail Brightvale Collection!

Surround yourself with friends from Brightvale Motery! Neopians grabbed this bonus from the All Hail Brightvale Collection!
Día 18 - El Mejor Objeto de NC con Tintura
Dyeworks Pastel: Rainbow Shimmer Body Paint
44 %
Dyeworks Light Pink: Gold Trimmed Roses Foreground
21 %
Dyeworks Rainbow: Emanating Aura
28 %
Dyeworks Lavender: Rich Golden Eye Makeup
7 %
Don't pass on pastels! The colour scheme may be soft, but this dyed Rainbow Shimmer Body Paint went hard during last year's Summer Dyeworks! Stop and smell these dyed roses! Neopians loved the light pink dyeworks of the Gold Trimmed Roses Foreground. You may just have to pick these beautiful roses as your vote!

Neopians emanated with joy when they got this rainbow dyeworks item! The soft rainbow colours look so good surrounding any pet!

Lavish in this lavender dyeworks! This makeup look will have your pets looking glam all day!
Día 19 - El Mejor Telegrama de NC
Love Sucks Sweetheart Gram
43 %
Altador Cup Fizzy Fan Gram
13 %
Daunting Doll Mutant Gram
16 %
Shrieking Call Halloween Gram
27 %
As much as love sucks, this Valentine Gram did everything but! With lovely items like Skin of a Vampire Body Glitter, how could this gram not steal your heart and vote?! This gram had Neopians bubbling up with excitement! Pets could gain some Altador Cup-themed items, like the Altador Cup Neocola Sports Hat, and get in the Altador spirit!

All work and no play makes your Mutant pet a dull pet! Neopians grabbed this Daunting Doll Mutant Gram and got granted eerie prizes, like Mutant Big Doll Eyes Contacts and Mutant Axe Handheld!

Do you like scary movies? This gram was a good call to get some scream-tastic wearables, like the Shrieking Mask item!!
Día 20 - El Mejor Objeto de NC para Neopets Bebés
Baby Messy Birthday Cake Makeup
36 %
Baby Pink

13 %
Baby Iridescent Balloon
27 %
Baby Sunflower Handheld
24 %
Play with your cake and wear it too! Baby pets had some tasty fun with the Baby Messy Birthday Cake Makeup item! Pink, pink, pink! Your Baby pets will feel so pretty in pink with this adorable Baby Pink Outfit!

It's too shiny and pretty to look away! The Baby Iridescent Balloon is THE party accessory for Baby pets!

This item makes Baby pets feel all sunny inside! Make sure to stop and smell the giant sunflowers with the Baby Sunflower Handheld!

Día 21 - El Mejor Objeto de NC para Neopets Mutantes
Mutant Butterfly Accessory
25 %
Mutant Black and Red Pupil Contacts
43 %
Mutant Pink Hair Bow
17 %
Mutant Usuki Playset Handhelds
14 %
Be very still! All these beautiful butterflies look so magical on Mutant pets! Don't dred these Black and Red contacts! These eye-rie contacts had Mutant pets complete their eerie look from the Sleepless Spyder Mutant Gram!

This item was the cherry on top, or I guess pink bow, for Mutant pets! The NC Mall's Valentine Shop allowed Mutant pets to add this adorable pink accessory to any look!

They are not action figures! They are dolls! Mutant pets could grab this Usuki Doll Playset in the NC Mall's Valentine Shop, but be careful not to damage the packaging!

Día 22 - El Mejor Objeto de NC para Neopets Maracuaticos
Maraquan Bubble Breath
29 %
Maraquan Kelp Wrapping
30 %
Maraquan Pink Heart Bun Wig
24 %
Maraquan Pink Makeup with Lashes
17 %
Oooo Bubbles! Neopians were able to get their hands on this item from the Sunken Maraquan Treasure Superpack before it popped and disappeared! Kelp! I need somebody! Kelp! Actually, this kelp looks quite fashionable on Maraquan pets! How could pets not want to get wrapped up in this aquatic accessory?

How could Maraquan's pets not fall in love with this wig? This loveable accessory was a Valentine NC Mall hit!

Pretty in pink! This makeup look was a sure way to glam up any Maraquan pet!

Día 23 - El Mejor Fondo Nuevo de NC
Coffee Cave Background
10 %
Dusk in the Water Background
30 %
Enchanted Wizard Cottage
26 %
Full Moon Mystical Background
34 %
Time for a coffee break! Take a sip and a seat at the Coffee Cave in this warm and cosy background! Feel those sunny daytime rays with this beautiful Dusk in the Water Background!

This enchanting background can be awarded by completing one of Kaia's Quests! It looks so cosy and magical!

This background is not a phase! Oh is a moon phase...but look how beautifully it looks behind your pet!

Día 24 - El Mejor Fondo Nuevo de NP
Six Nights at Sloths Background
9 %
Petpet Office Background
10 %
Lost Souls Background
23 %
58 %
Did...did that animatronic just move?? You'll surely question your sanity with this background, but if you can survive all six nights upon Sloth's ship, you'll undoubtedly have bragging rights!

Going to work would be a thousand times better if adorable petpets surrounded you! With this background, that dream comes true!

These poor souls really can't afford to be any more lost, or else they may never find their way, so if you feel for the undead, then give this hauntingly beautiful background a vote!
This luminous background makes you feel as though you really are standing in the presence of a great galactic occurrence!

Día 25 - El Mejor Premio Nuevo de Trudys Suprise
Camping Deep in the Woods Background
30 %
Ceramic Artist
Table Foreground

22 %
Rock Petpet

22 %
Sketch Tasu
26 %
Grab your marshmallows and scary stories, because it's time to go camping and hang around the campfire!

Let's release our creative outlets! Turn pottery and craft with clay to make some fun Neopet ceramics!

It's not as plush as you'd think, but how could you not love this adorable Rock Petpet Plushie? It literally rocks!
Does this Tasu look sketchy to you...Not to worry! It's supposed to be an adorable Tasu painted Sketch!

Día 26 - El Mejor Armamento nuevo para el Duelódromo
Varia is the Bomb
36 %
Extra Loud Techo Fanatic Megaphone
5 %
Sinister Scythe
30 %
The Power of Friendship
29 %
This weapon really blew everyone away during the Lost Fragments event, and it is so cool that it is still!

CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW COOL THIS MEGAPHONE IS?!?! Oooh, sorry. We'll use our inside voices with this one! But isn't this so cool? Just be sure only to use it in the Battledome, or you may blow someone's eardrums out! Take our word for it!

One thing you can count on is any weapon of Jhudora's is bound to look super cool! Just holding this weapon up may be enough to make your enemies back down from how awesome it will make you appear!
Maybe the real magic was the friends you made in the Battledome... Nah, it was definitely this sweet present from the Advent Calendar!

Día 27 - El Mejor Avatar Nuevo
Trick or Treat
21 %
Stamp Collector
22 %
Professional Omelette Flipper
25 %
UD TCG - Arcade Shoyru
32 %
This avatar was given out for reading all of Reginald's scary stories during the Trick-or-Treating event and is perfect for all those whose idea of a fun time is curling up with a hauntingly good book!

This adorable avatar can be gotten by completing the Charms page in your Stamp Album! Even if you aren't a big collector, we can all agree that this Glyme charm is one of the cutest things we've ever seen!

*slaps top of omelette* to get this bad boy you have to flip soooo many omelettes! Or read the delicious Neopets Cookbook! Either way, having that jiggly little avatar is worth it!
This dazzling avatar can only be gotten via a Rare Item Code from the two Battledome TCG Promo Packs. While it is hard to get your hands on it, it is still, in and of itself, a beautiful avatar!

Día 28 - La Mejor Nueva Sorpresa
Valentine Paint Brush
39 %
Trick-or-Treating Tales of Neovia
6 %
Lost Fragments Event
11 %
Quest Log
45 %
First appearing on the day of its namesake, this lovely Paint Brush instantly captured the hearts of many! It was a colour a lot of Neopians had been hoping for quite some time, and their wish finally came true!

During the annual Trick or Treating event, Reginald was put in charge of hiding the year's Goodie Bags. He placed a never-before-seen story about many of Neopian's scariest villains inside each one! The books were from his collection, yet one was somehow replaced and left an ominous message to all who read it!

In the Month of Running, a Light Faerie named Luxinia asked for everyone's help collecting pieces of New Faerieland that were falling to the ground! If you participated, she rewarded you with points, which you could spend on special prizes she had gathered!
Hannah surprised us all last year by introducing the Quest Log out of the blue! It is a new hub for tutorial, daily, and event quests where players can earn Neopoints and special prizes!

Premios diarios
Cada vez que votes por una categoría del evento recibirás un premio al azar después de confirmar tu elección de voto. A continuación verás una lista de los objetos que puedes ganar al votar todos los días. Si recibiste algún otro objeto que no aparezca en la lista, puedes enviarnos un mensaje en nuestra sección de contacto.

Premios diarios
Cancelled Stamp ForegroundLets Be Chums ShirtBlue Shoyru Slushie CupColourful Rolling WalkerSolid Chocolate Drizzle Skirt
Lost Souls BackgroundDarigan Draik PlushieDark Hero Comic BookDrenched in Water MarkingsElderly Gathow
Handheld Rainbow Pride FlagMagical MSP Poogle PlushieMutant Haunted Handmade Doll OutfitEmerging from the Symol Hole ForegroundGrey Roo Island Merry-Go-Round Background
Jhudora DressJhudora Sour CandyJhudoras Axe BassGraffiti SkateboardFyora Gnome
Magical Sroom Chia PopRainbow Gelert CupcakeBorovan Asparagus MugTonu Fanfare HornSnow Snicklebeast
Illusen MintsOrange RockRubber FruitColtzan CandyPeophin Ruler
Gold Koi CrackersMynci Banana Body ScrubValentine Kougra PlushieValentine Paint BrushDancing Slorgs Foreground
Marble Draik EggMutant Yurble PlushieRuki Pocket OrganizerHalloween HaseeSceptic Board Background
Lutari Gaming SystemLittle Timmy PlushieService Petpet DoglefoxWad of Neocash HandheldColtzan Book
Jetsam JamUni FrappeBythonIxi Igil Zombie Hot Dog
Chomby DogGamer QuigukiJubJub JugIllusen WingsFrost Mote Buddy
Magical Potato Chia PopAcara
Gourmet Carrot Cake Valentine Armour SwordNeopian Sign Language

Agradecemos a los siguientes usuarios que han enviado su aporte para completar la lista de premios: nydis.

Sorteo VIP
Como parte de la nueva Entrega Anual de Neopis, llega un nuevo Sorteo VIP de objetos de NC en la Gala de cierre del evento. Este Sorteo VIP comienza el 8 de Febrero y los boletos del sorteo estará disponibles en el Centro de NC hasta el 26 de Febrero de 2024 a las 23:59:59 NST.

Para participar de este evento de NC, deberás adquirir alguna de las entradas que se venden en el Centro de NC o desde la página del evento.

Neopies Y25 VIP Raffle Ticket 1-Pack
150 NC

Neopies Y25 VIP Raffle Ticket 7-Pack
750 NC

Solo podrás activar un paquete de 7 Boletos para el Sorteo VIP de Neopis, no podrás activar otro igual, pero si podrás activar boletos individuales adicionales para poder duplicar otros premios.

Después de activarlos en tu Inventario, debes visitar la página del Sorteo VIP para reclamar tus premios. Puedes reclamar hasta un máximo de 7 premios por día y para hacerlo solo debes darle clic a las bolsas de regalo. Hay 7 premios en total que puedes ganar en el evento y todos reciben el mismo premio cada día.

8 de Febrero
9 de Febrero10 de Febrero11 de Febrero

Boho VIP Dress

Boho VIP Outfit

Boho Flower Brim Hat

Artisanal Handheld Lamp
12 de Febrero13 de Febrero14 de FebreroBonus

Artisanal Hanging Lamps

Comfy Floor Cushion

Prism Light Filter

Boho VIP Party Background

Premio Final
Si votaste en cada categoría el día en que fueron publicadas recibirás un premio extra exclusivo por tu compromiso cuando hayas votado el último día. Este año el premio fue el nuevo fondo: Neopies Watch Party Background.

Puedes comprobar si has votado el día necesario, observando si tu elección en cada categoría aparece rodeada por un borde dorado. Si sale verde, es por que votaste otro día. Además, este año recibes también un Neopies Golden Trophy Balloon como premio extra por haber participado en al menos una categoría.

Neopies Golden
Trophy Balloon